Is a Gaming Gun Right for Your Arsenal?

It’s a long, twisting path to get from wanting a sport utility rifle—one polite term for AR15-pattern arms—to arriving at the exact make, model, and configuration that serves your specific needs. Along the way you’ll find a particular model to serve as a starting point…and where you go from there is as specific to you as your fingerprints.


The Stag Arms 3G is designed to offer shooters a particular starting point that combines many of the best features of a competition-ready rifle, without getting so purpose-specific that it limits its utility. Stag seemed to walk the fine line with the 3G between factory-custom defensive gun and tourney gun, and I wanted to see just how well it could work in both worlds.

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Some innovative ways to reduce 12-gauge recoil

I am a big fan of the 12-gauge shotgun. Although I am not a waterfowler, upland game hunter or turkey trotter, nor do I hunt deer with a rifled slug shotgun, I enjoy run-and-gun meets, 3-gun matches and shotgun steel matches. I also believe that the 12-gauge is the ultimate arbiter of just about any defensive argument from 0 to 25 meters, and especially so in a home-defense scenario.


Most 12-gauge pump shotguns are reasonably priced, easy to figure out and get on target, fairly simple to take down and maintain in a functional state of readiness, and are usually one-shot-and-done weapons, if you can point the business end in the right direction.

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Exclusive: DeSantis Mini Scabbard fo…

Exclusive: DeSantis Mini Scabbard fo...

Lasers and lights are fast becoming normal accessories in personal defense pistols and very handy ones at that. Except when they aren’t truly built in and then literally get in the way of using a favorite holster.

Take the Ruger LC9 with the exclusive Viridian tactical light, for example. The LC9 is an outstanding defensive pistol: seven rounds of 9mm; long, smooth double-action trigger; durable, accurate, and reliable. It even has an external safety that clicks on and off, 1911-style. Add the tactical light — an exclusive offering from Viridian, a premier manufacturer of lasers and lights — and you have a great defensive pistol made even better. The Viridian light sports some great features: It can turn on automatically when you draw or you can turn it on manually. The light can be a bright, steady beam that covers more area, horizontally, than other lights or you can set it to function as a blinding strobe.

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